Directed by:
  • Harold Pinter: Betrayal
  • Genre: drama
  • Hall: Main Hall studio arrangement
  • Pre-opening night: 9 september 2021, 22:07
  • Premiere: 12 september 2021, 19:00
  • Length: 1 hours 30 minutes, without pause
  • Translator: Bobi Pricop
  • Set and costume designer: Oana Micu
  • Choreographer, Music: Eduard Gabia
  • Light design: Attila Kászoni

The main theme of Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Harold Pinter’s play Betrayal is about one of the oldest and most fearsome enemies of marriages and romantic relationships: infidelity. Jerry, Emma and Robert form a love triangle where each on them loves, betrays and disposes of any principles and beliefs thus giving up to uncontrollable impulses. On the apparent idyllic background of happy households, with succesful families, takes shape the failure of three adults incapable of managing their friendships, lust and the duplicity that starts defining their lives.

Betrayal is an abrasive, reverse chronological reenactment of the birth and gradual disintegration of the love triangle Jerry – Emma – Robert, a reevaluation of those essential moments when betrayal has become the true nature of their relationship, a situation that could have been concluded during moments of clarity.

Stage director Bobi Pricop treats the play in an unconventional manner, giving shape to new meanings, shades and roughness to one of human nature’s fundamental themes.

Festival appearances
Romanian National Theatre Meeting Kishinev, Republic of Moldova
Sibiu International Theatre Festival Sibiu, Romania
National Theatre Festival Bucharest, Romania