Sindbad from Father to Son
Directed by:
Hagob der Ghougassian
  • Paul Mattar: Sindbad from Father to Son
  • Hall: Theatre - New building
  • Premiere: 8 march 2007
  • Translator, Assistant Director: Paola Bentz-Fauci
  • Set and costume designer: Hagob der Ghougassian
  • Music: Paul Mattar
  • Set and Costume Designer Assistant: Annamária Szabó
  • The story-teller Sindbad
  • Young Sindbad, 1st Constable
    Cristian Bojan
  • The grownup Sindbad
  • Old Sindbad, Eyol, 1st Fisherman, Mayor of the village
  • Sindbad’s Wife, 2nd Passenger, 1st Counsellor of the King, 1st Woman
  • Saba, The old woman from the fountain
  • 1st Captain, Librarian, 2nd Counsellor of the King, 2nd Woman
  • 3rd Captain, El Aziz
  • 2nd Captain, 2nd Sailor, 2nd Constable
  • 1st Passenger, 2nd Fisherman
    Mihai Pintilei
  • 1st Sailor, The girl who guards the Valley of Love
  • A kid
    Cristian Topuzu