The School for Wifes
Directed by:
  • Moliére: The School for Wifes
  • Genre: comedy
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 2 march 2013, 19:00
  • Length: 3 hours with 1 pauses

The School for Wives is a scathing satire about the couples whose age difference was exceeding the limit of common sense. Molière displays his gift for comedy in a tour de force that reflects his knowledge of human being and life. Arnolphe has raised his „beloved“ young girl, Agnes, hidden from any human contact in an attempt to keep her all for himself and to be sure of her submisiveness and fidelity. Agnes, on the other hand, tries to escape this faith and she’s ready to surrender in the arms of a young and handsome husband.
Stage director Cristi Juncu gives Molière’s play a modern perspective and the result is a savoury comedy enhanced by an inventive set design created by Cosmin Ardeleanu.

Festival appearances
”Constantin Tănase” Humor Festival Vaslui, Romania
National Comedy Festival Galați, Romania
National Theatre Festival Bucharest, Romania
”Toma Caragiu” Festival Ploiești, Romania
”Stories” International Theatre Festival Alba Iulia, Romania