Push-up - 1-3
Directed by:
  • Roland Schimmelpfennig: Push-up - 1-3
  • Genre: drama
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 19 november 2011, 19:30
  • On-set dramaturgist: Izabella Varró
  • Costume Designer: Alina Herescu
  • Set Designer: Adrian Ganea

A bold performance, which does not target empathy, but aims rather at an ascetic professionalism, in which the characters are individual graphic studies with an expressivity blocked in a well-defined register. The performance is marked by the dynamic appearances of actors Monica Ristea and Dan Rădulescu, both emanating the expressivity that the other characters are deprived of. Push Up is a performance that generates different states and opinions, an experiment anchored in the present due to its subject – the life of the employees of multinational corporations – and special because of the courage of the direction. It is a courageous attempt to depict a complex world by minimalist means. The gaze of the characters cuts the air without piercing it in a difficult but razor-sharp exercise.