Triple Point
Directed by:
Bogdan Georgescu
  • Bogdan Georgescu: Triple Point
  • Genre: contemporary dramaturgy
  • Hall: Underground
  • Premiere: 4 october 2013, 19:30
  • Length: 1 hours 50 minutes, without pause
  • Set and costume designer: Irina Gâdiuță
  • Assistant Director: Olga Macrinici
  • Sound design, video: Andrei Sever
  • Light designer: Attila Kászoni

A father decides to take his life along with two of his children. Triple Point presents a version of a fictitious immediate reality that is refused and hastily ignored and analyzes through documentation and speculation the context in which such an event could take place, the determinant factors and the consequences.

Triple Point is a social observation project and a piece of active art that attempts to explore the contemporary social mutations, the male – female relation and the concept of family amid the social dynamic in the beginning of the third millenium.

Festival appearances
The European Festival of Performing Arts Timișoara - Romanian Drama Festival (FEST-FDR) Timișoara, Romania
Sibiu International Theatre Festival Sibiu, Romania
Short Theatre Festival Oradea Oradea, Romania
Underground Festival Arad, Romania
Temps D’Images Festival Cluj, Romania