Irish Story
Directed by:
Oana Leahu
  • Genre: performance for families
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 22 january 2013, 19:00
  • Set and costume designer: Rodica Arghir
  • Composer: Pedro Negrescu
  • Choreographer: Mihai Crăciun, Hugo Wolff
  • Puppets: Gavril Siriteanu
  • Light designer: Daniel Klinger
  • Set and Costume Designer Assistant: Măriuca Ignat

Elves, fairies and humans meet in a stage extravaganza for all ages: Irish Story. In order to be happy, human beings must find a way to get in tune with these realms and their own souls. Respect, understanding and love helps us live in a harmonious world, is the message sent by the production staged by Oana Leahu after an original play based on texts translated by Sorin and Monica Rusu. The magic is completed by Rodica Arghir’s delicate set design and SIR’s puppets.