The One-winged Man
Directed by:
Ovidiu Caiță
  • Matei Vișniec: The One-winged Man
  • Hall: Theatre - New building
  • Premiere: 22 january 2007
  • Set and costume designer: Klára Labancz
  • Animation: Cristian Gătina, Robert Costea
  • Set and Costume Designer Assistant: Ágnes Szakács
  • The One-winged Man
    Bogdan Farcaș
  • Young woman
  • Owner of the cabaret
  • Police Inspector, Deputy, Journalist, The Blind, Medical Officer
  • Whore, Beggar, Euphoric Woman, Midwife
    Ionela Nedelea
  • The very myopic old man, Disabled Soldier, The Bold Man, Leper, Father
  • The woman with stoller, The mother
  • Diplomat, Insurgent, The Nazi, Announcer, The letarghic tramp
    Răzvan Vicoveanu