The Seafarer
Directed by:
Cristi Juncu
  • Conor McPherson: The Seafarer
  • Genre: black comedy
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 16 october 2018, 19:00
  • Length: 2 hours 30 minutes, with 1 pauses
  • Set and costume designer, Video design: Cosmin Ardeleanu
  • Translator: Bogdan Budeș
  • Choreographer: Attila Bordás
  • Stage Manager: Teodora Crăciun
  • Prompter: Laura Moldovan

The Seafarer is written by the irish playwright Conor McPherson, in 2006. The action is placed in Baldoyle, a suburb of Dublin, on Christmas Eve. The story is centered on James “Sharky” Harkin, an alcoholic man who lives with his blind and elder brother Richard Harkin. As he tries to stay away from drink during the Christmas holiday season, Sharky must hold on to Richard, but also to his own consciousness that haunts him. The Seafarer was nominated for the Tony Awards and Olivier Best Song Award. For the role of Mr. Lockart, actor Richard Balint won the UNITER Prize for Best Supporting Actor.

Festival appearances
National Theatre Festival Bucharest, Romania
New Theatre Festival Arad, Romania
Romanian National Theatre Meeting Kishinev, Republic of Moldova
”Myths of the Citadel” Festival Constanța, Romania
International Theatre Festival Oradea, Romania