Miska the Magnate
Directed by:
  • Albert Szirmai , Károly Bakonyi , Andor Gábor : Miska the Magnate
  • Genre: operetta
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 31 december 2014, 21:00
  • Conductor: Katalin Incze G.
  • Set and costume designer: Borcsa Sántha
  • Choreographer: Noémi Bezsán
  • Répétiteur: Imre István Strausz
  • Assistant Director: Bea Fülöp
  • Stage Manager: György Vajda
  • Prompter: Katalin Tóth

I want to be happy so much, Hoppsa Sari, Shabby world! – These lines are known for everyone from a well know operetta, but behind these lines one may find a satirical story. Being in contradiction with the laws of survival, the inexplicable power of the social hierarchy is a reality even today.
Baracs Iván, a rail road engineer, is in a conflict of interest with the count Korláthy, who lives on his estate and in contradiction with common sense, making a reference to his rang as a nobleman, claims as his own, the construction of the rail road. Baracs and Mrs. Korláthy fall in love, without knowing who they realy are, and so a large gap will form between them, which apparently cannot be diminished and becomes a lot deeper due to the conflicts with the count. To solve the conflict, Baracs will plan a game…
The story of Magnate Miska ridicules the differences of a society which has degenerated to absurdity. A society in which a simple stableman, has no difficulties to pass as a tiger hunter count. The role game is easier than we think. The unmistakable signs of a count appear: white tie, eye glass and speaks with a burr. The appearances win….until the arrival of the real tiger hunter. The exposer and the scandal – as the happy ending – are inevitable.
The well known operetta will premier on New Years Eve.