Love is...
Directed by:
  • Andreea Radu: Love is...
  • Genre: youth theatre performance
  • Hall: Underground
  • Premiere: 14 february 2017, 17:00
  • Length: 1 hours without pause
  • Set and costume designer: Roxana Marian
  • Sound designer, Video projection: Cătălin Roșață

Love is the ingredient between two persons. Love is adrenaline. Love means passion and risk. Love fades quickly. Love is everlasting. Love is when your deskmate takes your eraser. Love – this positive vibe that is being felt at its strongest intensity during highscool. Or not! But it’s certain that when you try to see various instances of love through the eyes of a teenager, things appear in a hilarious way close to nostalgia.

Everybody has their own code of understanding love and its effects. During adolescence love seems to be opening gates to a universe that you would rush to fully exploit. Different situations, unique and personal, picked and inspired from breaks and desks will stir up memories, will bring smiles and definitely will raise questions about this feeling that is so difficult to define: love.

Festival appearances
Relief Youth Festival Bucharest, Romania