The New Misanthrope
Directed by:
  • Molière/ B.: The New Misanthrope
  • Genre: comedy
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 11 may 2018, 19:30
  • Length: 1 hours 20 minutes,without pause

“Alceste is following me. – Is not letting me go. For at least four decades. As an enthusiastic teenager, he enchanted me for the first time in Berlin.  Fritz Marquardt: Der Menschenhasser in Volksbühne. – When my mentor Otto Ádám asked me in a delicate way if I would like to take my final exam with Molière’s masterpiece on the Ódry Stage, Budapest, my answer was obvious, yes.

Alceste from that time, in the kitchen of an actor’s house, read to me that once I will arrive to the National Theatre. He later became an artist of excellence -Philinte, a student at the time, had recently bought a theatre behind the Budapest Opera House… and the story goes on like this, in vain does history slip beneath it there and back. Three quarters of the text we are playing now I wrote in Krakow ten years ago. János Mira, with whom I was just editing one of the basic works of the Poles, was forced to listen to the reading of two or three pages every day.

Since then, everyone transcribes almost everything, while “Molière” smiles at these efforts. He makes this easier, because, although his name lasts as long as the theatre exists, “scientifically” it is increasingly likely that behind him is not the son of the upholsterer, the kid-actor named Poquelin, but Pierre Corneille, the cheerful writer, who hides in time “, says Bodolay Géza.