Of course, my dear!
Directed by:
Aba Sebestyén
  • Csaba Székely: Of course, my dear!
  • Genre: tragicomedy
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 31. december 2013., 19:00
  • Set Designer: József Bartha
  • Costume Designer: Blanka Alíz Bajkó
  • Composer: Tibor Cári
  • Choreographer: Tünde Baczó
  • Stage Manager: László Szakács
  • Prompter: Erzsébet Sugó

Virág János was always grumpy, fearful and withdraw. And unhappy. He did not want to change this, because he knew, that the paradox of intellectual families is that in their non-fuctionality, they do function. This unhappy harmony will be disturbed by someone from the past, and the family life of Virág will be fully inverted.

Of course, my dear! is the first transilvanian tragycomedy. It is a funny and sad story about a teacher in a small town, who will slowly find himself again, but first, he will through out the window, any small animal he will find. It is a romantic story with a lot of humor, misunderstandings, sadness, happiness and a bit of social criticism about the intellectual and artistic life in a small town.

The actor and director, Sebestyén Aba, after the success of Mine Flowers and Mine Blindness, directs another play by Székely Csaba, and this time in a big stage production with more music.