Directed by:
  • Pierre Beaumarchais: Figaro
  • Genre: comedy
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 30 april 2014, 19:00


The most often played drama of the French Beaumarchais, at its birth, in 1778, did not enjoy popularity. Having the subtitle of: A crazy day, the wedding of Figaro tackles a sensible theme for that time: the right of the noble for the first night.

The main character, Figaro, and his fiancée are getting ready for their wedding. This decisive moment is being overshadowed by the claim of count Almaviva, for the first night as feudal right. The story becomes more complicated when the wife of the count, accused of infidelity, allies with the desperate couple…

This comedy is the third one directed by Keresztes Attila on the stage of the National Theatre of Târgu-Mures and the fifth one that the spectators of the above mentioned theatre may see (after the plays of The Impostor and The widow Kanyaró and the two thoughtless).

The artistic director of the Tompa Miklós Company, Keresztes Attila, in his directing takes as a reference the plays of Beaumarchais and Mozart, combining the two.

Beaumarchais’s drama was published in 1786 as an opera libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte, and the music was written by Amadeus Mozart. From the writing of the original play, until putting it on the stage of the opera, the spectacle was banned by censorship, not only in France.