This is how I see
Tompa Miklós said
Directed by:
Olga Barabás
  • László interjúkötete nyomán Bérczes: This is how I see
  • Genre: theatre play
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 10 december 2023, 19:30 International premiere
  • Length: 2 hours without pause
  • Dramaturg: Olga Barabás
  • Composer: Károly Kovács
  • Choreography consultant: Kinga Benő
  • Set Designer: Adrian Ganea
  • Costume Designer: Fanny Nagy
  • Prompter: Noémi Simon
  • Stage Manager: Lehel Rigmányi

Miklós Tompa speaks colourfully, lively, and unstoppably about his life’s defining events, lived history, the important people who he has kept in his memory, and, of course, about theatre, his supreme goal to create an established theatrical culture in the left behind land of the Seklars. It is a story worth watching, and listening to, as it is aimed at us personally, and is part of our lives: our region’s, the city’s where we live, our families’, our own’s.

Miklós Tompa spoke to László Bérczes at the beginning of the ’90s, and it resulted in a biographic interview book, A Railway Cruise in Seklar-land, based on which director Olga Barabás wrote the material for this stage production.

The book, and the text it has inspired are historical documents, as they present the history of the theatre’s founding in1945-46, as well as the stages of the founder’s life, the creator who defined the range of Realism in the theatrical culture of Târgu-Mureş, and the Seklar region.

In 2024-25, the Târgu-Mureş National Theatre celebrates its 80th season, and, through the present production, pays tribute to its founder and large-format creator.