Mr. Urmuz writes bizzare pages
Directed by:
Gavriil Pinte
  • Genre: drama
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 9 february 2018, 19:30
  • Length: 1 hours 30 minutes, without pause
  • Set and costume designer: Roxana Ionescu
  • Prompter: Dana Arțuche
  • Stage Manager: Teodora Crăciun

A poetic biography based on the life and works of Urmuz, pioneer of the theatre / literature of Absurd, one of the genuine rebels of 20th century arts.

The play script uses the texts „Funnel and Stamate” (integrally, with brief insertions, in 4 sequences), „A little metaphysics and astronomy” (almost integral), phragments from „Algazy & Grummer” and from what the editors named „Notes – stray drafts” but also bio-bibliographical information about Urmuz.