or Before Us, the Deluge
Directed by:
  • Oleg & Vlagyimir Presznyakov: Boat
  • Genre: tragiko-comico-biblical play
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 10 march 2024, 19:30
  • Length: 3 hours 15 minutes, with 1 pauses
  • Translated by: András Kozma
  • Director assistent: Krisztián Kiliti
  • Set Designer: József Bartha
  • Costume Designer: Irina Moscu
  • Costume designer assistant: Fanny Nagy
  • Composer: Magor Bocsárdi
  • Choreographer: Noémi Bezsán
  • Light designer: Tamás Bányai
  • Stage Manager: Lehel Rigmányi
  • Prompter: Noémi Simon

“Gentle dove of the Flood, when you move away, how could I not think that the ancestor’s joy was mixed with some sadness at the sight of the reborn world? The peace of the suspension of life, the true “Divine Resting of Arms”, when the works, the evil desires, the “Grace” of the disease are interrupted, through which we get closer to the realities from beyond death…” / from M.Proust: Pleasures and Days

While evoking the Biblical story of Noah, the contemporary drama Boat or Before Us, the Deluge by Oleg and Vladimir Presnyakov is also a medical finding of modern society. It shows us the absurdity of the every-day agitations of a humanity balancing on apocalypse’s threshold, and it does that with a wry sense of humour while confonting us with questions we cannot avoid: What do we sacrifice for our familiar comfort in the shadow of the annihilating flood! What does us taking responsibility for our spiritual evolution, for the world surrounding us, and generally, for our future take? We can follow the main character, Jon’s bitter-sweet wrestling with himself, his family, and society, at the end of which he can become a real Noah… or not?

The premier of this production will be on our thatre’s anniversary, the 10th and 11th of March, signed by UNITER’s lifetime achievement awarded director László Bocsárdi.