Against Love
Directed by:
Radu Nica
  • Esteve Soler: Against Love
  • Genre: contemporary dramaturgy
  • Hall: Underground
  • Premiere: 8 june 2013, 19:30
  • Length: 1 hours 40 minutes, without pause
  • Set Designer: Cristina Milea
  • Costume Designer: Diana Cojocaru
  • Composer: Vlaicu Golcea
  • Assistant Director: Olga Macrinici
  • Prompter: Dana Arțuche
  • Stage Manager: Stelian Chițacu

Spanish playwright Esteve Soler writes about contemporary values exhausted by demagogic speeches, about an apparantly democratic society where the world progress doesen’t necessarily lead to civilization. In a very contemporary fashion, absurd and cynical at the same time, we find in his plays the biblical family’s apple and television sets from where the new leaders or the last astronauts, survivors of love pop out.

Stage director Radu Nica, one of the prominent creators in Romanian theatre, invites the public to a meeting with the recent and high qualiy international theatre in an inventive, blunt and lively production.