Directed by:
Tudor Lucanu
  • Alexandru Popa: Constantin
  • Genre: drama
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 14 december 2019, 19:30
  • Length: 2 hours 20 minutes, without pause
  • Set and costume designer: Cristina Milea
  • Set and Costume Designer Assistant: Denisa Berceanu
  • Composer: Csaba Boros
  • Stage Manager: Teodora Crăciun
  • Prompter: Laura Moldovan

„Conspiracies, intrigues, strategies of manipulation, negociations, duplicity, betrayals, promises. These have always been the instruments used by politicians to hold on to power. But what happens when they cannot be used any longer? How much is one willing to pay for their life or their children’s life? But what if no fortune on Earth is enough? The show that I propose follows the story of Constantin Brâncoveanu beyond the myth in an attempt to discover him as a man that tries to survive some unfavourable political contexts. I invite you to witness a perpetual balance between man’s tragedy and comedy of maners, between then and now – two periods of time when the redefinition of values has a major importance between the material and the spiritual world.“ Tudor Lucanu, Stage director