American Buffalo
  • David Mamet: American Buffalo
  • Genre: comedy
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 14 april 2021, 18:00
  • Translator: Bogdan Budeș
  • Set and costume designer: Bogdan Spătaru
  • Stage Manager: Stelian Chițacu

American Buffalo, the play that made David Mamet famous, was written and first staged in 1975, and tells the story of Don, the owner of a junk shop. Don plans with his buddies Bobby and Teach to rob a coin collector customer who has just purchased a buffalo nickel from the shop. Don thinks that the 90 dollars received for the coin were not enough and decidesto recover his loss and sends Bob, his jack of all trades, to steal the coin. He returns with a buffalo nickel, but not the rightone…