The Mother
Directed by:
Talgat Batalov
  • Florian Zeller: The Mother
  • Genre: black comedy
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 4 may 2024, 19:30
  • Length: 1 hours 40 minutes, without pause
  • Set Designer: Natalia Chernova
  • Costume Designer: Andrada Chiriac
  • Light designer: Samu Trucza, Narek Tumanian
  • Video design: Dmitry Sobolev
  • Composer: Pavel Polyakov
  • Assistant Director: Krisztián Kiliti
  • Prompter: Katalin Tóth
  • Stage Manager: Lehel Rigmányi
  • Translated by: Tamás Olt, Szabolcs Váradi R.

Florian Zeller is extremely interested about situations that lead to the degradation of family ties, subjective memories fracture, the balance between imaginary-, and actual reality shatters; situations in which, due to stubbornly clinging to the chain of memories created by time lost clashes with the way one’s environment perceives reality. When is the moment when Anne (the mother unable to let her son grow up, and the wife who, in her bitterness over losing her husband, poisons her marriage even more) slips into insanity? We don’t know. As viewers, we only tune into the final stage, when imagination, and reality are hopelessly entangled. We are watching a woman in despair, yet cynical, wandering among the ruins of her own life.

The Karinthy Theatre (Budapest), and the Tompa Miklós Company’s (Tg.-Mures) co-production counts as a Hungarian speaking world premier, directed by director Talgat Batalov, of Uzbek origins. Translation: Tamás Olt – the Karinthy Theatre’s manager, and Szabolcs R. Váradi.

Special thanks to Ekaterina Gosteva, PhD in linguistics, for her valuable help and advice on the linguistic aspects of the drama.

The rights for the play “The Mother” by Florian Zeller are represented by Drama Agency – Paris (France)

Our partners: Târgu Mureș City Hall, Mureș County Council, Bethlen Gábor Fund Management Ltd.