Directed by:
Sorin Militaru
  • Euripidész: Alcestis
  • Genre: tragedy
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 7 october 2013, 19:30
  • Stage Adaptation: Csaba Székely
  • Set and costume designer: Cristian Marin
  • Composer: Vlaicu Golcea
  • Choreographer: Monica Moldovan
  • Stage Manager: György Vajda
  • Prompter: Erzsébet Sugó


To Admetus is given a unique chance: someone may die for him.Nor his friends, nor his father and mother accept the noble challenge, which lasts until eternity.

Only the love of his wife, Alcestis, can save the situation. Her only request, before dying, is for her husband not to remarry. What will happen to the family without Alcestis? Will Admetus keep his promise? Is human nature is noble or in the controversy, worthy of contempt? In the play we will find the answers to these questions.

The director Sorin Militaru and the dramatist Székely Csaba have proposed the implementation of a story of thousands of years into our reality, constantly wondering: “what would you do in the place of the characters”.