An enemy of the people
Directed by:
Attila Keresztes
  • Henrik Ibsen: An enemy of the people
  • Genre: drama
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 8 november 2019, 19:00
  • Length: 2 hours 20 minutes,with 1 pauses

The starting point of the story is a police intelligence, from which Ibsen wrote the drama of corruption that stifles everything. The main source of income for a small Norwegian town and the key to many people’s livelihoods is the local medicinal water. However, the mayor’s brother, Dr. Stockmann, discovers that those people who wish to recover are at serious risk of infection, because the waters of the healing springs are poisoned.

Human being or money? Depriving a community of the opportunity for prosperity, or in exchange for prosperity, should give way to poisoning others? Faced with a distortion of power, the doctor is ready for social action.

With his family on his side, he sets out to make the miracle that redeems everything come true. In Ibsen’s social drama, there is an individual interest and social responsibility, contrasting the individual with a community that is afraid of losing a living and its opinion leaders.