Directed by:
Gábor Rusznyák
  • János Háy: Géza-Boy
  • Genre: drama
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 5 february 2012, 19:30
  • Set and costume designer: Renátó Cseh
  • Music associate: Albert Márkos
  • Assistant Director: Tekla Noémi Máthé

A village, somewhere. There lives an autistic boy, simply called by all the Géza-boy. All the healthy people around him have accepted their fate, are resigned to the monotony of their existence and try to survive each day with the help of humor. Géza-boy is unable to do that, he revolts against the all-enveloping dullness, but, because of his condition, he does not sense the subtle transitions. He only accepts extreme states. As he lacks a sense of humor, he cannot safely find his way in a world declared healthy and eventually falls back to catatonia.