The doctor
Directed by:
Andrei Șerban
  • Robert Icke: The doctor
  • Genre: drama
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 16 december 2022, 19:00
  • Length: 3 hours with 1 pauses
  • Translated by: Ferenc André
  • Set Designer: Irina Moscu
  • Light design: Zoltán Gidó
  • Video: Sorin Mocan, Ioan Bledea
  • Composer: Tibor Cári
  • Sound design: Bayer Sebastian
  • Musicians: Bogdan Buică, Attila Kiss
  • Assistant Director: Előd Bálint , Patricia Gavril
  • co-director: Daniela Dima
  • Stage Manager: Éva Kertész

Robert Icke’s play is an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s “Professor Bernhardi” (1912): Ruth Wolff, doctor and acknowledged researcher, is cast aside from the medical profession due to a decision she made to protect a dying underaged pacient. This case triggers an avalanche of aggressive reactions and biased comments, mirroring rules of political correctness and the woke culture in today’s polarized world, a world divided in tribes, “us versus the others”, where morality is defined by circumstances. Social networks dictate how we live, as well as racial, sexual, political or gender identities. Whatever you dare not talk about at work fearing you might be cancelled, it is safe to discuss in theatre: we allow ourselves to confront this world’s prejudice and lies.

  • Ruth Wolff
    Erzsébet B. Fülöp, Enikő Éder
  • Paul Murphy
    Mátyás Zsolt Imre
  • Roger Hardiman
    Andrea Tokai
  • Michael Copley
    Géza Aszalos
  • Priest/Father
    András Zsolt Bandi
  • Brian Cyprian
    Mónika Tar
  • Junior
    Előd Jancsó , Bálint Erdős
  • Rebecca Roberts
    Rita Lőrincz
  • Charlie
    Etelka Magyari
  • Sami
    Boróka Vajda
  • Jemima Flint
    Emília Borbély B.
  • Host
    Loránd Czüvek
  • Guest one
    András Csaba Molnos
  • Guest two
    Attila Kiss
  • Guest three
    Márkó Ernesztó Lajter
  • Guest four
    Bernadett Vadász
  • Guest five
    Kincső Hegyi