Ștefan Dogaru
Date of birth: 19. december 1997.
Professional career
Current parts
Tudor (son) Unspoken Things Leta Popescu, Maria Manolescu director: Leta Popescu
Soldier Constantin Alexandru Popa director: Tudor Lucanu
Past roles
Roles performed at other theaters
Ioan Slavici Theatre
Angel Ion Luca Caragiale: St George's Miracle director: Ștefan Iordănescu
Ștefan Tipătescu Ion Luca Caragiale: A Lost Letter director: Cristian Ban
Ioniță Păunescu Tamás Bolba, Vajk Szente, Attila Galambos: The School and the Family director: Ernő Tapasztó
Munkustrap : Cats director: Krisztina Both
Mr. Sands Harold Pinter: The Room director: Ionuț Caras
Hector William Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida director: Andrea Nagy
Andrej Prozorov A.P. Cehov: Three Sisters director: Timofei Muntean
Petruchio William Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew director: Ionuț Caras, Mara Opriș
Brighella, Pantalone : And the Potion...? director: Ionuț Caras, Mara Opriș
The Cat from Cheshire Lewis Caroll: Miracles and Shards of Mirror director: Ionuá Caras, Mara Opriș